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Solo piano

Duration (approx)   5 minutes
Composed   1986
Publisher   Music Haven
First performance   12th December 1989
Venue   Holywell Room, Oxford
Soloists / Players   John Christopher Adams (piano)

Single movement

Programme Notes

The title of this short piece states the place of composition and it is in many ways an evocation of the quiet and timeless atmosphere of that region of East Anglia. I recall walking in the fields between three churches and hearing their bells rolling together and mixing in such a way as to form a fascinating, hybrid scale. Although I forgot the actual notes that I had heard, I felt a need to recreate that effect which seemed to be so eloquent and deeply pertaining to time and place.

Composed in 1986, it is one of the earliest pieces that I feel to have a personal quality and in a strange way it still exerts a considerable influence on my current compositions.

The piece is in three sections, in which the first part represents a local and contemplative mood, whereas the middle section is, by means of a more focused rhythm and the term "lontano", more active, but distant. It is completed by a return of the opening music, which is modified by fragments from the middle section.

Score Samples

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The opening pages

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